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Creating moments & cultivating memories Because every journey to motherhood matters

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Our Story

It's hard to know exactly what to give to your loved one going through infertility or to express your joy once they become a new mom. That's why we've taken the guesswork out of the entire gifting process for you!

Joyful Motherhood is as all inclusive support hub offering thoughtfully curated gift boxes, empowering courses and coaching, and a vibrant community of women who are all experiencing various phases of motherhood. Our mission is to help moms and mom-in-the-making feeling supported, equipped and seen throughout their journey. Whether you are navigating the deep waters of infertility, the heartbreak of miscarriage or the joys of motherhood we are here to provide support and help you capture joy!

Our Founder

Hi my beautiful moms and mom-in-the-making! I am Germany Wilkerson founder and creator of Joyful Motherhood. I am the mother of two little joyous boys, Caleb and Joshua, but my journey to motherhood was a difficult one. I endured several heartbreaking miscarriages and went through three IVF cycles and experienced the emotional roller-coaster that comes along with it.

During that season I couldn't find an all in one place that offered items needed to help me feel organized, supported, and loved. My family and friends often asked what was the best way to support me throughout my experience but in my research I found that the product selection in the market was limited.

My journey to motherhood ignited a strong drive in me to prepare other women for the expected and unexpected events that come with infertility, miscarriage and motherhood. So I curated gift boxes, courses, coaching and a community that provides the essentials needed for other moms and mom-in-the-making to get the tools and resources to not just survive but thrive!

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Faith based

Every product, gift box and course created is intended to help you grow closer to God and see this season of your life through a lense of faith. 

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I set out on this journey to provide others with the help and support I wished I had. I feel proud to be able to play a small part in the lives of other moms and mom-in-the-making throughout their journey.

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Navigating through infertility and experiencing motherhood is a big undertaking and can be quite intense at times. Getting the tools and resources needed in order to succeed is essential.

Create moments. Cultivate memories

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